Future Business Ukraine

The independent intiative “Future Business Ukraine” (FBU) is trying to contribute to the development of social, political and economic relationship between the European Union and Ukraine. We are very concerned about the current military conflict in Eastern Ukraine and we are hoping for a speedy end to the hostilities as well as a swift rebuilding and continued economic and political stabilization of the country.
“Future Business Ukraine“, relying on the already exciting international arena initiative “Future Business Austria”, combines activities for promoting the stability of Ukraine within the political and economic framework.
During the next months, FBU, supported by the German-Ukrainian Forum e.V., is planning to organize round tables with the participation of prominent experts in order to find solutions for terminating military actions and establishing peace in Ukraine and for concrete reform approaches in political and economic systems of Ukraine.

Objectives of Future Business Ukraine

– Support the transformation of Ukraine to a modern and consolidated European state
– Creating trust for both Ukrainian and European stakeholders and the wider public
– Public awareness for the reorientation and reformation of Ukraine
– Proposing and discussing practical solutions to the conflict in Ukraine